A Very Special Crossover Episode

Yes indeed!  It is a very special crossover episode of 1978’s Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Go back to a gentler time with Heidi Bennett, Harper W. Harris (of The Thing Minute), and Molly Bailen as they discuss peak Donald Sutherland and dissect Invasion.

Have a awesome summer folks – beware of extra-terrestrial flowers and don’t fall asleep.

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Minute 90 – I Wanna Bleep You Like An Animal

It’s the final episode!

Molly & Heidi say farewell to Dana & Marty and discuss Nine Inch Nails, Miniature Trees, Production Babies and more. Thank you to all our amazing guests and listeners.

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Minute 87 – Here Comes Patience

Ben Walker-Storey and Heidi finish out the week with a conversation about how we watch movies, how to stay focused on our creative projects and most of all how to find Cheap Chills!

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