Minute 21 – Old Fashioned Phone Trauma

Heidi and Molly discuss the origin of the “phone call coming from within the house” in horror movies, dive into who’s on speed dial in the control center, and make a good case for minute twenty-one as the soul of Cabin in the Woods.

Plus, it is Friday and there are some brand new recommendations.

Trailer for Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie

Dark Matter – Syfy Channel Features our very own Patience Buckner, Jodelle Ferland.

Die Hard Minute

Star Wars Minute

Minute 12 – Graphically Spittle-ish

In minute 12, Heidi and Molly chat about Cat Stevens, the shifting roles of our Scooby gang, and the goodness of James Spader.

It’s also pop culture Friday, which means there are two hot new recommendations.

The Ritual – Movie

Tea for the Tillerman – Cat Stevens

Harold and Maude

The Blacklist