Minute 67 – Matthew Buckner Played Pro Volleyball

In today’s episode, Molly and Heidi chat about actor Dan Payne (Matthew Buckner), the kids hulking out and ripping planks of wood off to use as weapons, and the triumphant return of Marty.

Nightwing: The Darkest Knight

Minute 38 – Puppeteers and Pop Tarts

Heidi and Molly talk pop tarts, weed paranoia, and “Ice” (a really excellent episode of The X-Files).

The X-Files – “Ice”

The Motherboard Guide to Avoiding State Surveillance

The Thing Minute

Minute 7 – Stealth Bongs and Ancient Logics

Rick and Julia of Mad Max Minute join us for a deep dive into Marty’s character and that “prop” he’s famous for.

Mad Max Minute

Be By Myself – Asher Roth and Cee-Lo Video

And, if you really need to see a ready to purchase product replica of Marty’s prop: Travel “Mug”