Minute 81 – It’s All Fish Down There

Jonathan Howell is back for a very special Merman Minute!

The crew talk about how minute 81 is a “perfect” minute, the recent Oscar winner The Shape of Water, and that half of our control room folks get taken down by aquatic monsters.

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Plus, we’ve got sexy recommendations for you!

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Minute 51 – Deep In The Meat

Heidi and Molly welcome back Jonathan Howell from Minute Impossible to end the week with a chat about accidental hand wounds, facts around stabbing, and a brief but mighty stoner hero moment from Marty.

It is also Friday and we have pop culture recommendations for winter media binging.

Minute Impossible

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Ash Vs. Evil Dead

Minute 50 – Judah Buckner To The Rescue

Jonathan Howell from Minute Impossible join Heidi and Molly to chat about master control’s bad spy craft, Hadley ordering enough thorazine to kill a rhino, and a hilarious Sitterson impersonation.

Minute Impossible Podcast

Minute 49 – A Chemically Induced Change of Heart

Jonathan Howell of Minute Impossible joins Heidi and Molly to chat about Curt’s instantaneous change of direction, fave monsters, and insights into Marty’s character.

Minute Impossible Podcast