Minute 78 – Scarier than a New York Rat

Steve Lastoe returns one last time to chat about a vicious dragon bat, love of Amy Acker, and securing She-Hulk as your attorney.

Plus, it is Friday and we have piping hot recommendations!

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Robert A. Heinlein

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Sarah Silverman – A Speck of Dust

Dave Chapelle – Equanimity and The Bird Revelation

Minute 77 – Intestine Moustache

Steve Lastoe from X-Minutes podcast returns to chat with Heidi and Molly about adorable zombies, crazy doll people, and Cabin in the Woods references to Serenity, Buffy, and Angel.

X Minutes Podcast

The Princess Bride Minute Podcast

Minute 76 – CGI Snakes, Dismemberment Goblins, and Killbots, Oh My!

Steve Lastoe from X Minutes Podcast and The Princess Bride Minute hops on the elevator of death this week with Heidi and Molly. ┬áThe Scooby Gang “get this party started” with the first wave of newly freed creatures.

The Princess Bride Minute Podcast

X Minutes Podcast

Minute 75 – Purge Button Blue Balls

Thomas Howeth finishes out the week with a discussion about an insincere apology from The Director and a curiously unsecured giant red purge button.

It’s Friday and we have fun recommendations for your eyeballs and ear holes!


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