Minute 85 – What, Me Virgin?

Heidi and special guest co-host Ben Walker – Storey of the Cheap Chills Show Podcast get up close and personal about work-place romance! Check out Ben’s podcast, t-shirt designs and campy b-movie trailers at:

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Minute 84 – Youth Dew

Heidi and Molly chat about Sigourney Weaver being a bad ass, the artistic renderings of the carved relief slabs, and revisit good ol’ Commander William Riker.

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If you need some dirty heartwarming Christmas fun, check out Molly’s Friday recommendation of Happy! on the Syfy Channel.

Minute 83 – Stone Crackles

It’s an ancient ritual!  We’re the reliefs!  Dana’s ahead of Marty for once.  We get ancient sounds and weird stirrings below as Dana and Marty continue to explore the carved rock relief site.

Plus, we shout out some of our Movies by Minutes bretheren.

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