Minute 68 – My Hand Still Works

Heidi and Molly chat about how the monsters get “topside”, Marty dismembering Judah Buckner with a trowel, and where to pick up some sweet Cabin in the Woods props.

Get yourself a Patience Buckner ax and some Merman facial appliances!



Minute 67 – Matthew Buckner Played Pro Volleyball

In today’s episode, Molly and Heidi chat about actor Dan Payne (Matthew Buckner), the kids hulking out and ripping planks of wood off to use as weapons, and the triumphant return of Marty.

Nightwing: The Darkest Knight

Minute 66 – The Dreaded Phone Call

Sean German and Pete Mummert return for one last time.

We chat about the phone habits of teenagers (pre-cell phone era), conjecture where the control room gets the blood for the blood machine, and where you can get some great recipes that contain Negra Modelo.

Plus, it is Friday and we have spankin’ new recommendations!

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Altered Carbon

Three Minutes in Poland by Glenn Kurtz

Shirley Jackson: A Rather Haunted Life by Ruth Franklin

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Minute 65 – Tequila, Conspiracies, and False Modesty

Pete Mummert and Sean German come back for more middle-aged end of the world partying.  How long have societies been appeasing the gods?  Who fumbled the tunnel demo?  How long has the control room been watching the scooby gang?  Conspiracies and questions abound in minute 65.

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Minute 64 – Six Degrees of REO Speedwagon

Sean German and Pete Mummert (hardened veterans of Movies by Minutes podcasts)  join us this week!  We get deep into REO Speedwagon, admire Dana’s rock solid core, and ask probing questions in regard to the origins of a world run by the ancient ones.

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