Minute 20 – Avatars and HR Violations

Heidi and Molly chat about having an excessive amount of technology in house, the ever dismissed Lin from the Chem department, and crossing the line at work.

Heidi Bennett – PCC

Little Red Mark




Minute 19 – #Acceptable

Heidi and Molly chat about iconic cinematic moments spotlighting the male form (Magic Mike XXL, Casino Royale, this minute…), external processing, and privacy vs. safety in the age of surveillance.

6 Iconic Movie Scenes That Happened by Accident (cool trivia + Casino Royale Beach Reference)

Magic Mike XXL Trailer 1

Minute 18 – Awkwardly Witty or Wittily Awkward

Harper W. Harris from The Thing Minute joins us for one last hurrah.

The crew chats about folk art, awkward flirting, and to what degree the “control rooms” remain secretive across the world.

Plus, it is pop culture Friday and we get some history-related suggestions this week.

The Thing Minute

Geek Rex

Harper W. Harris – Audio Engineer

Shock Value: How a Few Eccentric Outsiders Gave Us Nightmares, Conquered Hollywood, and Invented Modern Horror

Manhunt: Unabomber Trailer

Versailles – Wikipedia



Minute 17 – This Is Happening

Harper W. Harris from The Thing Minute returns to chat with us about man necklaces, the mechanics of the two way mirror, and the classic horror goodness of John Carpenter’s The Thing.

The Thing Minute

Geek Rex – Movie Reviews, Pop Culture, and Various Geek Stuff


Minute 16 – I Liked It Better With The Missing Arm

Harper W. Harris from The Thing Minute join Heidi and Molly this week for the most rom-com minutes in the entire movie.

For episode 16, our crew chats about the history behind that creepy painting, production designer/art decorator Martin Whist, and private mirror moments.

The Thing Minute Podcast

Audio Engineer – Harper W. Harris

Reap Medicine Article on Martin Whist