Minute 8 – It’s the Height of Luxury in 1984

Rick and Julia of Mad Max Minute join us once again.

In this episode we chat about the bittersweet conveniences of GPS technology, find out that Hollywood’s favorite RV is the Winnebago Chieftain and learn about mic surveillance.

We also review the career of Fran Kranz (the actor behind our favorite Shaggy archetype, Marty).

Mad Max Minute

Internet Movie Cars Database

And if you wanted to know what was up with the game Settlers of Catan mentioned in this episode (we swear it’s fun), go here:  Settlers of Catan

Minute 7 – Stealth Bongs and Ancient Logics

Rick and Julia of Mad Max Minute join us for a deep dive into Marty’s character and that “prop” he’s famous for.

Mad Max Minute

Be By Myself – Asher Roth and Cee-Lo Video

And, if you really need to see a ready to purchase product replica of Marty’s prop: Travel “Mug”

Minute 6 – I Learned It By Watching You

Heidi and Molly talk drug PSAs from the 80’s, travel packing habits, and give their Friday pop culture recommendations.

Miami Vice Trailer

The Godfather Minute


Nevada City Film Festival

Original “I Learned It By Watching You” PSA

Minute 5 – K Records, Zines, and a Liquor Luge

In minute five, Heidi and Molly share stories about epic coming of age parties of yore, as well as their respective connections to the iconic K Records.

K Records

Ice Luge

NPR article on the cultural importance of Sassy Magazine