Minute 40 – Whip-Its and Dumpster Love

Heidi and Molly reveal the hidden location where all the workplace drama (and romance) goes down in the food service industry, youthful frolicking, and zingers.

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Heidi Bennett, PCC

Little Red Mark

Minute 39 – You Had Me At “Pain Outlives The Flesh…”

Heidi and Molly discuss vintage cookbooks, old school courtship, and a Predator/Jerry Maguire mash up.

Since it is Friday, we have recommendations to start your new year off on an inspiring note. ¬†(Check out Heidi’s site for more of her coaching goodness.)

Heidi Bennett, PCC

Pronoia and Free Will Astrology

Minute 38 – Puppeteers and Pop Tarts

Heidi and Molly talk pop tarts, weed paranoia, and “Ice” (a really excellent episode of The X-Files).

The X-Files – “Ice”

The Motherboard Guide to Avoiding State Surveillance

The Thing Minute

Minute 36 – Grandma Says Your Piggums Are Showing

Heidi and Molly chat about Jules succumbing to the frisky chemicals and treating her friends to an awkward sexual fireside dance.

It is Friday and there are brand new recommendations!

Switchblade Sisters Podcast

Layer Cake