Minute 45 – Morpheus is Like Santa Claus in Roman Gear

Heidi and Molly chat about the “blood machine fed” relief carving, Marty’s big picture book  Little Nemo In Slumberland, and how Little Nemo has influenced modern-day art and film (one big film in particular).

It is Friday and there are brand new pop culture recommendations!

For A Well Written Little Nemo Animated Movie Review


It Follows

Minute 44 – Re-Purposing An Old Blood Machine

Heidi and Molly chat about Jules finally meeting her end, the construction of the blood machine, and the killer sound design for this minute.

Little Red Mark

Heidi Bennett, PCC

Minute 43 – Matthew Is The Scary One

Today we’re marveling at the magnificent visual effects makeup design used to create the Buckners signature look. We also learn about Anna Hutchison’s experience before we bid her character farewell.

AFX Studio

The Cabin in the Woods – The Official Visual Companion

Minute 42 – Baryshnikov Zombies

Molly and Heidi chat about “for reals” jump scares, a favorite Buckner instrument of death, and using The Good Place as a palate cleanser for intense dramas.

Plus, it is Friday and we have spankin’ new recommendations!

The Innkeepers

You’re Next

Amanda Palmer – The Art of Asking

The Good Place